Candy 95s Katy Dempsey

Candy 95s Katy Dempsey

Katy has a PARALYZING fear of heights. To capitalize on this, Candy 95 is putting her in jeopardy of facing her greatest fear. 

Unless she raises $1000, she's going over the edge. Here's where you can help.

IF she raises $1000 then two things will happen

1) She will be able to choose someone to go over in her place

2) She will be able to pick any punishment she sees fit for Frito for putting her in this position.

Donate how ever much you can! We need $1000 to #SAVEKATY

I'm fighting my fears to fight for the Brazos Valley.  United Way of the Brazos Valley fights for the education, financial stability and health of every person in the Brazos Valley. We work to solve our community’s most daunting social issues, engaging individuals to build strategies and mobilizing resources to invest for change.  Through Community Impact Grants to local nonprofit organizations and Investment Initiatives including 2-1-1 Texas, Youth Leadership Cabinet, and the Financial Stability Innovation Fund, United Way is creating measurable change in specific community issues.

140 %

My progress:
Goal: $1,000.00
Achieved: $1,400.00

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